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A border-free world is a world in which any human being has the right to live, love, travel, and work in any country he or she pleases.While visas are by far one of the biggest barriers for free movement around the world, there are several others which I discuss in the articles below.believes we're all tweet, no action.' Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker aired his frustrations on the war-torn nation. This warning comes from Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.'As we look at ISIS in areas where [the US and allies] are not operating, where we are not supporting our partners on the ground, there has been ISIS elements who have been able to come back and take territory,' he said.His comment drew laughs in the Commons during the second debate on Syria.The Prime Minister said Jeremy Corbyn's call for a War Powers Act would 'seriously compromise' national security, national interests, and the lives of citizens at home and abroad.Jewish MP Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree), was applauded by MPs from all sides after she spoke of the anti-Semitic abuse she has faced, including from those appearing to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.She and other MPs backed calls to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party, with former minister Ian Austin saying the ex-London mayor had been 'comparing, claiming that Hitler was a Zionist' - labelling this as anti-Semitism 'pure and simple'.

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Mrs May defended her decision to take action without seeking Parliament's approval.

She said saying that coming to the Commons beforehand would have compromised the 'effectiveness of our operations and safety of British servicemen and women'.

'There is no military strategy on the table to deal with the malign influence of Iran and Russia,' Graham said.

In a thinly veiled stab at the president he said: 'I think Assad... 'We may be at the table, but when you're just talking and have nothing to do with shaping what's happening on the ground, you're just talking.' Assad and Russia's forces have been unable to hold land captured from ISIS - which has 'resurged' in parts of Syria under government control.

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Theresa May defended her decision to take action in Syria without seeking Parliament's approval.

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