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Not only will this exposure improve your confidence, but you’ll gain further confidence with the new social skills you learn.While you’re practicing talking to all of these people, keep in mind that anyone you talk to could turn into a date. Start by conditioning yourself to talk to random strangers, whether men or women.

After all, it’s hard to introduce yourself to a stranger when your palms start sweating and your chest tightens up.

Lock and Key Events transform a regular happy hour by adding the ULTIMATE ice breaker theme. With your lock or key, you now have a reason to talk to anyone and everyone you want!

What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town!

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  1. If it hadn't been for their common carrier status, telcos might have gotten away with charging customers more to access the internet than to make traditional voice calls, as they tried to do in the 1990s.

  2. My dad named me after one of his favorite poets, Waris Shah. They just saw someone who couldn't commit to something, which is fair. It's not, "I can't believe I did that." It's more, "Thank God cell phones didn’t have cameras then." I went through one phase, in school in upstate New York, where the only thing to do was go to raves. People write things on subway posters all the time. I was better known in France or Japan than in India. So the idea was to create an experience, to tell stories -- the stories of these items and where they come from.