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This intense historical thriller hints at the possibility of a sequel.Leo Kanaris Codename Xenophon (Dedalus Limited 2015) introduces George Zafiris, a private investigator barely making ends meet in 2010 Athens.He raises the brother and sister as his own, soon realizing that being part of the violent death of their parents has influenced their personalities: Eric grows up to be wild and vicious, Eden intuitive and dangerous.Hoping to prevent them from arrest for their increasingly violent acts, Hades enrolls them in online courses in forensic investigation, ballistics, sociology, and psychology, enabling them to become police homicide detectives.

Then the toes clench on the tiny foot emerging from the bundle, and Hades realizes that at least one of the children is still alive.Ever since his wife left him for another man, the two live mostly apart and Zafiris is often lonely and depressed.The current financial crisis doesn’t help, and he is continually aware of the contrast between Greece’s noble past and the government corruption that has created an obstructive bureaucracy and dysfunctional society.Zafiris is hired by the powerful Constantine Petrakis to investigate the murder of his brother John, a classical scholar, on the island of Aegina.John was about to give a lecture on the darkness behind the light of Classical Greek culture, including the topics of slavery, prostitution, pedophilia, and human sacrifice.

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