Numerical absolute geologic age dating

Mesozoic - age of dinosaurs Cenozoic - age of mammals Paleozoic - age of invertebrates Precambrian - age of fishes What is the commonly accepted age of the earth?

4.5 million years 4.5 billion years 2000 years 250 million years A type of stress which causes pulling apart of rocks, hence causing normal faults, is called stretching shear tension compression Which of the following matched pairs is INCORRECT?

Becquerel was a French physicist who lived from 1852 to 1908.

epoch eon blink of an eye era Which of the following paired matches is INCORRECT?

What could you use as a suitable alternative for dating the age of Earth?

How about a meteorite that was formed at the same time as Earth but has remained unaltered all these billions of years?

It is difficult to assign an age to Earth by dating materials formed on Earth because Earth materials are constantly cycled by the tectonic forces and rock cycle.

But meteorites are considered a closed system, and the Canyon Diablo meteorite is assumed to have not undergone any chemical changes since its ancient formation.

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