Nokia s40 updating library

Google's applications have been replaced by Nokia's and Microsoft's.

Firstly da bads in dis phn is only: a)blutooth probs.b)hard & loud sound keypad.c)cann't move cursor when hold press left & write & up & down during texting.

Nokia has also noted that developers can port the remaining missing apps in a matter of hours, and in an attempt to encourage developers to contribute to the platform, had previously added compatible Android apps without developer approval.

An SDK is available for the platform, and includes an emulator based on the Android emulator.

If sombody does hv any idea 2 view Inbox Messages during internet surfing without closing da Om browser using dis phone or any other Nokia s40 phn,please kindly share it hear.

Here m again,caz i forgot 2 tell u somthing in my post 'Tips' I had posted earlier,2 better understand read my post 'tips' specially 4 Nokia s40 2 minimize apps during Internet.

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