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On the following pages you will find guidelines arranged into five clear sections: Safety, Performance, Business, Design, and Legal.

Most notably in this set of changes of the App Store Review Guidelines, Apple now allows apps to show a collection of other apps that don’t have to be your own if they form a collection in a way Apple approves.

What Apple considers a fair reason is not really clear although the party apps to add music to a user’s Apple Music library and play it. The new section 2.27 is rather confusing in its mention of the new Siri remote without explaining that the section only applies to tv OS apps (which we assume).

The update did also include some minor additions mentioning new Apple products such as Care Kit and Apple Music in various sections. The updated section 3.6 now says that tv OS top shelf extensions must only show content that adhere to the 4 age rating.

This basically means that we should be very careful with using any user generated content for the top shelf.

With the release of i OS 9 we expected Apple to make a bunch of changes to the App Store Review Guidelines like they did last year.

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But this time the only change is that Passbook has been renamed to Wallet.

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