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I didn’t know anyone in small-town Walled Lake, MI, who was gay and could have told me it was OK.Every day at four o’clock, I found solace in dance class. It was unspoken, but we knew we were all going through the same thing at school, and that bonded us.If someone called me names like “gay” or “fairy,” I’d say, “Is it gay that I’m hanging out with lots of hot girls after school? I had my first girlfriend at 14—a dancer at my studio. It wasn’t until starting college at The Juilliard School that I really thought about what it meant to be gay or straight. I think I was one of two straight men in my class and one of five in the division.But I’d never really given my sexuality much thought. I suddenly had friends who were questioning their sexualities or coming out for the first time.For the last three years of high school, I had a girlfriend.

” It didn’t take long to realize that, while I loved my male friends, I wasn’t interested in them in a romantic way.

But as soon as I took my first dance class, sports became secondary.

It took about a year before my dad really started to understand and accept my dancing.

At first, I was uncomfortable changing in front of gay guys in the dressing room.

But once I got to know the people I was dancing with, there was so much mutual respect that it wasn’t a problem.

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