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An Alternate Universe where Delia Ketchum actually takes some actions to help her son with his dream of becoming a Pokemon, many events will change, follows a mixed route closer to the games than the anime. Rated T for language, drug use, and domestic abuse.

It's Kyra's senior year in high That brings several things to Finals, college, senior .. Pharaoh Atemu has passed on, and people in this age have barely heard of him. Gatomon and Patamon gonna learn this on a very unexpected way. or more like how everyone in the team will take this? This story focuses on a youth who goes by the name of Clovis.

It wasn't the nearly perfect life she had envisioned when she got her mother back to normal; It's the complete opposite of that. There, the Lyoko Warriors find a group of kids and monsters who just may be able to help. *Updated Weekly*Kel is unfairly kicked out of page training after her probationary year. COMPLETEI know it's used alot, but here's my version. But what happens when Syrus starts to like Serenity, and Joey finds out,and something strange starts to happen at Duel Acamedy. After saving the world the first time, Ben, a Mudkip who was actually a human, was taken back to his own world. It's the summer before Jadens third year and the gang is competing in the final Battle City Tournament. With the 3 starter pokemon from the Shinou region,and his friend Kirie, Jayk has to stay sane and save the world from Team Rocket.discontinued. But one person is secretly sabotaging their plans, also known as the Mole. Kiva Stoutheart is a human that grew up in and has been adopted into a Giganotosaurus clan. Stargate SG–1 Crossover Pairings: Yami–Yugi, Jack–Daniel Summary: Solomon Moto is off to help one Dr. But what happens when a Digimon appears and the Tamers must face it in the middle of one of their favorite holidays? Sakura and the gang become wizards and receive special training.

Taylor Swift ble født og vokste opp på en juletrefarm i Wyomissing i Pennsylvania.

Song of the Lost Heart by Star Holder Commander is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Yusei had lived nearly his entire life in the Satellite. Well, honestly no one who knew Yusei was really all that surprised when a pair of great white wings grew out of his back.

As such, he knew nothing about where he came from before being adopted by Dr. (Also found on d A, Wattpad, and AO3.)A sequel to "A Change of Destiny".

Where the battles are real and the stakes are high. But things take a turn when the world around them deviates from the story. In a small town in the Hoenn region, a sickly teenager risks life and limb to save a Pokemon that is being attack by abusive trainers. Addie and James travel up north with their cousin and friend to save their parents and little brother.

With new enemies and time travel, chaos en things get crazy when the world they left behind comes back into the picture. In this alternate universe of the Megaman Battle Network series, all of the main Net Navis are placed in a high school setting. Poor's looks like he's going to be here for a while. This turns out to be the first step of a much greater adventure. This is my continuation of Christopher Paolini's amazing series, The Inheritance Cycle. Along the way, they run into some-interesting creatures.

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To move on and no longer allow a past life to rule her current one? 10yr old Serena knew who she was and who she would be-The Shang Tiger-but conspiracy hits and she is cast out of the Isles and left for dead. What happens when there is really a Tortall and the Scanra border needs more help? But what happens when you stick the cast of Yugioh! My first fanfic :) anyways, season 2 was a bit of a let down so for 4 years I worked on this until I invented Adventure 03. Now the whole world, and not just this one, may be in danger! Katie has started to feel slightly overwhelmed by all the need for help with animals since the Paw Patrol left. If you are one of the lucky people who gets to experience this world then you are already too deep.

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