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I’ve cum in two other boys in roughly twenty-four hours, but jets of my goo spurt into his hole. Immediately his fingers race to collect it and shove it back in. When I pull out, his hole vomits seed; it dribbles down his butt and onto the hotel bedspread. I keep my hand there, stilling his up-and-down motion; my other hand grasps his left hip to keep him from wriggling so much. Even when I’m banging him harder, spreading his skinny little legs as I push him into the mattress and kneel between his knees, he’s still softly moaning and begging for dad’s dick. My dick is rock hard when finally he flips me onto my back. I admire the way his hole stretches, how the chute clutches at my dick as I force my way in. His hole is practically suctioning my meat into its vortex. He arches his back, lifts his butt up even higher; I have to stand on tiptoe so that I don’t slide out. I push down at the base of his spine to lower his ass a little, so I can stand on the flats of my feet. Not being able to see him clearly—or at all—makes the situation even hotter than the room. Two years later there I played my second cabinet game, Midway’s Gun Fight. When my mother died and I stayed there for the funeral twenty years ago, it had devolved into a no-name motel with hot water in the toilets and cold in the showers. I’ve had a six-and-a-half hour drive from home through New York City and down the east coast with only one break. But after I get into my room for the next three days, and after I drop my luggage and my gear in room 155, I’m not super-anxious to hop back into the car again. Sometime in the late seventies all the Ho Jos in our area disappeared, though; another chain bought up the hotel, repainted the roof, and added some modern additions in the back. On this particular visit to my dad—my annual spring jaunt when I help him clean up his yard and do chores around his house—I’ve chosen this particular hotel to stay. My back’s not as resilient as it was in my teens, though. So I flop onto the king-sized bed and fire up Grindr.

That science should be a staple of education, that the teaching of Latin, of modern languages, of mathematics, must be reformed, that nature and handicrafts should be pressed into service for the training of the eye and hand, that boys and girls must learn to write English and therefore must know something of history and literature; and, on the other hand, that education must be made more technical and utilitarian––these, and such as these, are the cries of expedience with which we take the field.My dad loved the Ho Jo’s fried clam plate—he still esteems it (and its fifty-cent price) as one of the culinary triumphs of the twentieth century. I’m still looking at his face when another photo pops up. I would tolerate my Little Boy Blue special of a hamburger patty and assorted bland vegetables, tossed on dishes sporting the silhouette of the chain’s famous Pie Man serving a kid and his dog. I’m browsing the other guys in my vicinity when the phone buzzes. He’s sent me a photo of himself without comment—a picture of his face. He’s paler than me, which means practically paper-white. A third pic arrives, this time of a skinny white ass. It’s early evening but still bright out, but the kid’s got his privacy blind drawn and all the lights off. He grinds back on the crotch of my jeans, the heat of his crack warming my dick beneath a layer of denim and the cotton of my shorts. My fingers rub against his hole, trace up his crack, circle his buns. I can feel his hipbones jutting beneath his skin as I assume my place behind him. For response, he reaches above his head to clutch the headboard.

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“I’ll give you dick.” There’s no romance to this encounter.

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