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And one who won’t see all of those options when he’s with you and run for the hills at the first sight of conflict, or as soon as you mention commitment.

If you happen to be having a problem with dating someone your own age, you have two options: date an older man or date a younger man.

Or stop dating men altogether if that’s your prerogative.

But let’s assume you are going with one of the first two options.

He literally doesn’t know that being in a relationship with someone means that he can’t be with other people. Do you remember when you were 19 and you had a few really awful boyfriends and 17 and 18 and you vowed to only date older men that had a clue? There’s a reason for that, especially at that young age.

Some guys might be dogs, but others have literally no clue. You’ve probably heard before that women emotionally mature faster than men and for the most part, that’s true.

He may bring you back to his place after the bar, and tell you to be quiet so you don’t wake up his roommate.Alternatively, he’s a student and mommy and daddy are paying for school, textbooks and food, or he’s on scholarship.So, the most he is working is part-time while in school, since if he was working any more than that, there’s no way he would have any time to be dating you in the first place.Sex can make or break a relationship, in some cases. Do you want to have a man who never gets tired and wants to keep going and going, like the energizer bunny, in 6-8 minute intervals? No one means “he wants you to be like his mom” in the creepy Oedipus complex sort of way (but maybe); more like he wants you to be his guide and show him the ways of the world. How to save money, how to perfect his resume to get jobs, how to talk to his female superiors or how to treat a lady.Young men may have more energy, but the older ones have been around the block more and have more concept of pleasing a woman; and more interest in having a physically intimate experience, rather than just getting their hanging bits wet. Or would you rather have an hour of physically intimate, foreplay-packed sexual bliss, but then have to wait until the next day to do it again? Chances are, if you two move in together, he also wants you to keep the place clean and pack him his lunch as well.

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