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This week marks 20 years since investigators began looking into the affair between former President Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, ultimately leading to Clinton's impeachment in December 1998, changing American politics forever.

But while many Americans today only associate Lewinsky with her role in the high-profile scandal, she has made an impressive career for herself in retail, advertising, and most recently social advocacy.

Throughout each period in Mexican culture, death seems to hold no terror.

In Mexican art, legends, and religion, death has not been a mysterious and fearful presence but a realistic recognizable character as much a part of life as life itself.

Altars are created with photos, mementos, fruit, bread, and other favorite things of the ancestors being welcomed and honored.

Indigenous people believed that souls did not die, that they continued living in Mictlán (Place of Death) a special place for them to finally rest.

On Dia De Los Muertos, tradition holds that the dead return to earth to visit their living relatives.

At the heart of this sacred event are the meticulously individually crafted altars and spiritual shrines.

These dazzling private tributes and offerings which provide a linkage between ancient traditions and modern customs chronicle the perpetual relation between faith, family and history.

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