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While I have never been technically “overweight,” I was certainly headed in that direction and feeling the effects…fatigue, anxiety, borderline high blood pressure, even skin rashes.

Ladies, we HAVE to embrace good health, exercise, and clean eating.

But he wasn't the first guy to make crude assumptions before we'd even had a chance to read the menu.

You see, my body has a way of provoking risqué conversations.

I’ve yet to see a white man with a dark skinned, natural hair, thick woman.

By no means am I obese, as you can see in my photo, but I’m certainly not a size 6.

The first picture is more of my profile, but I’m a solid size 14/16.

Then, during my late 20s, I dropped from a size 10 to a size 4. We had (and have) amazing sex because he has sex with all of me, not just my parts.

I had lost my job and had lots of time to exercise. The experience was enlightening — this was what dating was supposed to feel like. Still, I grew more confident and decided to demand this treatment going forward, vowing to feel good in my body, regardless of its size.

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Of course this doesn’t happen in a vacuum; I like many of you heard some black man or other joking that a white man can’t “handle” or appreciate the physical assets of black women. However, I have to be honest, most men of every race, color and creed . They REALLY like women who have a waist-to-hip ratio that lends them an hourglass figure…kind of like the photo depiction of the letter writer.

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