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In order to obtain a marriage license in North Dakota, both applicants must apply together in person at the Cass County Courthouse to complete the application.Applicants do not have to be Cass County residents.He was born and raised in Bottineau, North Dakota and graduated from Bottineau High School in 1984. As an enlisted man, he served around the world as a communication non-commissioned officer.He deployed and served in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm resulting in the liberation of Kuwait.

Brian will use his experience and expertise to move North Dakota forward.resize=768:*" /Name: Cal Nauman Age: 20Location: Grand Forks Job: Engineering student Email: [email protected] profile: "I can approach anyone and talk about anything and get along with them — it's a gift." Favorite girl gear: "Short shorts. The more leg, the better." Chick trait he craves: "I appreciate a woman who can do her own thing and not be dependent on me." Dating deal breaker: "Talking about your ex-boyfriend.If he's on your mind so much, maybe you should still be with him!During his first campaign, he focused on all aspects of the mission of the Commission. Kalk connected with the voters who agreed with the Fargo Forum when it endorsed his election by stating that he was the “Perfect Fit” for the PSC.His educational background and experience is exceptional.

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