Mandating effective treatment for drug offenders

Peer support groups are a community corrections initiative to support a successful transition from incarceration toward becoming a productive and law abiding member of the community.

Peer groups, both as an individual program and as a counterpart to residential transition programs, have been found to substantially reduce recidivism among drug offenders.

However, those that just want to lock up every drug addict are ignoring the fact that drug addiction is a sickness, and without proper treatment, the user will find themselves back on the streets using drugs once they are out of jail.

New help for drug addicts The idea of treatment vs.

Virginias goal in dealing with substance abusing offenders is to reduce criminal recidivism through an integrated system of treatment services and criminal justice sanctions.

The objectives of this integrated system are: A seamless system of substance abuse service delivery is essential if treatment services are to be effective.

A seamless system extends the length of treatment while adjusting the intensity of the services based on the progress of the offender.

This system provides effective treatment services in all domains of correctional control (e.g.

(19.2-295.2, 53.1-136, 53.1-157)For a minimum of six months, individuals undergo a gradual release process that includes employment, community service, and treatment in a highly structured residential therapeutic environment.More importantly, SABRE providesincreased funding for these services.In 1999, the General Assembly enacted legislation requiring that all adult and juvenile felons, as well as certain misdemeanants, undergo a substance abuse screening and, if necessary, a follow-up assessment, to identify an offenders substance abuse problems and treatment needs.Other states and countries are looking into different options also.In Australia, where 70-80% of prisoners are incarcerated because of drug problems, community-based treatment centers are now being offered to those that have served time because of drug related crimes.

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