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"Never a dull moment and she did what she had to do to keep the house, said Jamie Silvernail of Pear Park.""In October 2004, Mesa County sheriffs deputies were called out to the Dixons home after he [Rob] allegedly threatened family members. Paige called police from work and asked authorities to check her home.After arriving at the home, deputies decided Dixon was not a danger to himself or anyone else.With her grandmother living in Florida, Paige figured the University of Florida would be a good place to go. They lived across the street from the University of Florida football stadium, and Biegler said after several months there, Paige considered herself married to him. "She wanted to be a stripper in Florida and I just didn't want her to do it," Biegler said. Biegler had his instruments in the basement and continued to work on his music while doing odd jobs.""In her postings, Birgfeld also noted that she had rekindled a romance with her first husband [Howard "Ron" Beigler], whom she married soon after meeting him at age 15."And she never did while we lived there.""After they moved back to Colorado, they got married in 1995 and lived in a small house in Aurora. They remained married until about eight years ago, she wrote.When they moved to Littleton, she told her mother she wanted to go by her middle name, Meredith, to avoid that problem.But the teacher called her Paige anyway.""Paige gravitated toward dance.

But Paige didn't seem worried.""Her mother remembered the one thing she really looked forward to in Denver was having a new identity. Suzanne Birgfeld said whenever the teacher told the class to turn the page, the kids would snicker and make fun of her.

So a few nights a week, she'd go to the now-defunct Mile High Saloon strip club and dance under the stage name Madison. Biegler didn't see her perform very often and said she didn't like him going there. "She wanted to pay for her breast augmentation," Biegler said.

"I also don't think she felt very pretty or attractive, and I think stripping made her feel better about herself and made her feel more powerful.""Police responded to reported incidents of domestic violence during both marriages.

She was last seen wearing blue-jean shorts and a blue strapless top with a flower design while driving the 2005 red Ford Focus with Colorado plates 022-00X.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Sheriffs Department at 244-3500.

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Names used: Page Birgfeld, Paige Beigler, Paige Dixon Paige used the name "Carrie" for her Models Inc.

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