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Leroy didn't leave me anything except his rotten son to raise. He'll kick the both of us out and we'll be poor again. Once we do that, we fix it so that no woman would ever want him," she replied."Mom we can't sterilize him.Once he reaches his majority and has a child, all that money, even this house, goes to him. He would go straight to the lawyers and we'd be sent to jail," she replied shocked that her mother would even suggest such a thing."There are other ways to keep his penis inside his pants darling than cutting it off.Little Leroy, as he was called by everyone, would produce the progeny to carry on his legacy and he made provisions to protect that. You said one of the conditions for little Leroy to inherit was to have a child? We're doomed," she cried."Trust me sweetheart there are ways.The only way for Lara to get full control of the estate was to keep little Leroy from doing so."Mom I don't know what to do. The first thing we do is fix it so those tramps out there can't get pregnant by him.

He graduates in another month that will give us enough time to prepare.

She pulled down his pajamas and fastened the CB3000 around his flaccid penis.

As the small but sturdy lock snapped into place, she smiled."Now let's see you get someone pregnant with that on," she said leaving the room.

Have you ever heard of male chastity and petticoat punishment?

How do you think a boy would act if his penis was locked up and he had to wear women's lingerie?

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