Liquidating trustee wanted

Q: Are they paying the full amount of the equity or a certain percentage on the dollar?

Then, when she lost her job, her car got repossessed, because she couldn’t pay for it.Q: Are those all of the factors that go into the liquidation assessment? Trustee, take my house, sell my house, and give me a check for my equity amount.” Q: Tell me a little more of the specifics about this woman who had her name on the deed of her ex-boyfriend’s house.CH: Sometimes there are some other things, like certain taxes that have to be paid first in a Chapter 7, so we factor that in, which reduces the amount even further that somebody would have to pay to protect their home from liquidation. They might live in a terrible neighborhood and don’t like their neighbors, or they’re tired of raking the leaves and mowing the grass. JS: Her first issue is that, because she is between jobs, she is behind on the regular mortgage payments for her residence.JS: An ex-boyfriend that put her name and his name on the deed about 20 years ago when she had loaned him some money.Q: So your recommendation to her was to not file for bankruptcy?

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A person’s take-home pay must exceed $217.50 per week before they can be garnished.

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