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The highly-selective app launched in San Francisco earlier this year and has been rolled out in New York City.Founded by Stanford grad Amanda Bradford, The League breaks through the clutter of millions of daters and searches for ambitious professionals. Using a secret algorithm, The League scans your Facebook and Linked In profiles—you input both when you sign up--to determine whether you’re one of the chosen people.The goal is to quickly ascertain if you’d be attracted to them both physically and intellectually, find common ground (quickly) via messaging, and get offline STAT to see if there’s a spark or connection.By keeping The League selective, we build a brand that stands for quality and where people feel comfortable transitioning offline as soon as possible. We have an internal system that shortlists groups of users based on a variety of factors: degree, education institution, professional title (or past professions), industry, number of referrals, and, finally, the number of users inside that fit their preferences (e.g.if you’re extremely picky you may wait much longer). Leaguewomen are intelligent, independent, ambitious, career-oriented, incredibly busy, know how to put themselves together and, most importantly, have high standards for the guys that they choose to spend their time with.

The League uses information from Linked In and Facebook to determine if a candidate is fit to be in The League, so only the best matches are available to you.

“I think it’s really cool that it's young professionals and they are actively looking for a dating life," said Canfield, who sells a drug that helps diagnose bladder cancer. It’s people looking for a relationship and to go on dates.” It also provided Canfield a certain assurance that matches made on the app would have what she was looking for in a partner: intelligence, confidence, someone with "their life together and a great job." Founded by a Stanford University MBA graduate, The League launched in San Francisco in 2015, and gained popularity by curating users based on their education, profession, online presentation and desirability. While Kansas City’s founding class was capped at 507, more than 3,000 people are now on The League’s waiting list.

The app has since expanded to more than 30 cities, including Kansas City and St. Company statistics suggest that Cerner, Children's Mercy Hospital and the University of Kansas Medical Center are the top employers of the "founding class." The top three neighborhoods? “There’s so much growing there that it made sense for us to launch now even though the city is quite small,” Meredith Davis, the League's director of communications, said about the app's launch in Kansas City.

When it launched in New York City, the app allowed only 2,500 users.

Compare this to Tinder’s 50 million worldwide users.

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  1. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the situation, even and maybe especially if for some reason it already feels like there’s a lot of pressure on the situation. If you really like each other you’ll have so much time for the big stuff, and if you don’t it’s way better to find out by being yourselves then by trying to force something that isn’t there. Dress how you normally dress, act how you normally act and care about things you normally care about. Think of a good first date as one where you got to be yourself, clear and honest and true, and got to meet someone new and see where you might line up or not.