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This is a four-fold increase on the number found three years earlier. Harry Fletcher, of the National Association of Probation Officers, calls the figure for phones found in the past 12 months 'implausible', claiming instead that the true number of phones is likely to be at least double that.

The phones get into the prisons through a variety of ingenious methods.

Thanks to this well-placed connection, Moon was able to buy virtually pure cocaine at bargain-basement prices.

The operation itself was relatively modest - half a kilo or so at a time - but in the space of eight months Moon had already earned more than £300,000.

Moon had already been jailed three times for drugs offences and was in Lindholme, a medium-security prison, serving a 14-year term imposed in 2003.

Earlier this year, milkman Paul Donachy was arrested for attempting to smuggle mobile phones into Perth prison.Originally due for release this year, George Moon will now remain in prison until at least 2019.Statistics compiled by NOMS show that the authorities found 4,461 mobiles and 4,325 SIM cards in prisons in England and Wales between February 2009 and January this year.He paid using credit card numbers belonging to friends on the outside.During the day, Moon kept the phone hidden in a space inside his mattress.

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