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Watch her weep over lost love, listen to her smilingly announce her willingness to knife her brother’s detractors, see her celebrate her birthday, walk down the beach, eat kimchi, meet friends, giggle over gossip, deny allegations, demand apologies, reveal secrets, break her silence, exclusive, now, tonight.

The same years that anointed her mother a national saint has made Kris Aquino into a creature of the camera, one that glories in the invasion, courting attention with the same apparent single-mindedness of a mermaid hoisted over a pool in a circus cage. File photo Rappler/John Javellana Courtroom built by media The newest of her morality plays begins quietly, in newspaper stories of a case filed by one Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino, requesting a Temporary Protection Order against one James Yap.

She forgets the promise she made in 2010, when she offered to leave the country if her brother was elected president to protect him from the backlash of her personal scandals, effectively admitting she has some responsibility towards his public image.

She forgets, more importantly, that every time she hauls her siblings to stand behind her on interviews to convince the public she is the victim, she makes the story not about Kris Aquino the woman, but Kris Aquino the daughter, the sister, the woman whose political power makes it possible to accept personal apologies from former Presidents.

There was, it seemed, very little need to extract truth or justice in court.

Aquino isn’t the only celebrity to turn to social media after stepping away from the TV and the movie cameras.

Actress Judy Ann Santos also has a You Tube channel with over 91,000 subscribers called Apart from being a successful media personality, Aquino is also the daughter of Philippine President Corazon Aquino and her husband the late Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Unlike the sisters who molded themselves in the image and likeness of the sainted Corazon, Kris’ history is fraught with married lovers, broken promises and public dramas, the sort of scandalous career expected of actresses and divas, certainly not behavior to be tolerated from the prized presidential daughter. Public humiliation may be occasionally acceptable, even courted, but public disapproval is never to be permitted. The petition accused the basketball player of entering the bedroom of his erstwhile wife in an attempt to make “overt sexual advances” that Kris “vigorously resisted,” provoking Yap to “utter mean and malicious statements” in the face of rejection as witnessed by the couple’s five-year-old son Bimby.

And yet she is still an Aquino, born on the side of angels, who must publicly become, if not the martyr, the victim, cast in every controversy as the innocent trapped by bad men and worse circumstances. Each episode ends with the weeping heroine, on occasion flanked by mother or brother or phalanx of sisters. (READ: Kris Aquino files TPO against James Yap) Yap gave a teary-eyed interview denying the accusations.

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It is the national public, in the courtroom built by the national media.

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