Kids dating in middle school

The issues ranged from papers everywhere (we're guessing that includes a few overdue homework assignments) to the ickier issue of food left inside too long.Some schools have regular locker clean out sessions, but check in with your child about organizational efforts and remind them to clean it out.

“Most kids' lockers are very unorganized and messy,” reports Veronica.With more minor issues, however, kids often can handle it without intervention by adults.“If it's not too big a deal, kids are good at working things out on their own,” says Cecilia Thyen, a 13-year-old who will be in eighth grade at Immaculate Conception-St. Despite the drama, the kids with whom we spoke went above and beyond to be good friends.While you're at it, reminding kids to bring home gym clothes to be washed is a good idea, too.Several kids say classmates go months without doing so. Getting good grades is the most important thing in middle school,” says Max Schemmel, 12 and a seventh-grader at Brooks Middle School in Oak Park.

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