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) with Indian partners, but eventually was bought out in 2008 by the Rathi family from Yadguri (? I was surprised at this call, as usually we can pick a scammer from miles away as a result of the phone noting that the call is from overseas, even though sometimes it comes up as a "local number", however this time it came across as a private number, which I can only assume was made within Australia, either that or they had a very good routing system.In any case its annoying that the government's do not call register is so ineffective, I guess the only way to stop the scammers is to have a private number, but even that is not a guarantee I had another event a couple of months ago, calling me to let me know that the government had selected me to have a huge discount on solar power, of course this was an oversea's number and the caller was the "usual" suspect, my first question, where are you calling from ... ahhh that is nice, by the way whats the postcode there ... : D It's only natural, if your running a scam you want to cut the costs of actually running the scam.However, even here, you find that the main player in this business is Anglo-Indian. I do think though that the fact that Indian call centres are competitive make it more likely that eventually, the business owners will be Indians, because they are better placed to manage the telemarketing side.For instance, probably the biggest phone scam group in Australia, Time Telecom (50 odd companies, M plus turnover), which was founded about fourteen years ago by a John Fazzolare (Italian?Yet you are quite prepared to label them as being "Indian". Why wouldn't they when people blame them for scams without any real proof the person committing the scam is an Indian. Sounds like you have no idea what a racist comment is. Hi, I get at least two or three of these calls a week, every week. 100% of these call are both male and female with an Indian accent. Cheers I don't think your analysis of probability stacks up.In my opinion this is being a straight out racist, because you don't actually know, but still prepared to make not only a judgement, but a statement of fact without any truthful facts. I find it far more ironic that Indians complain about racism and then are one of the main sources of this sort of scam, along with other deliberate annoyances like telemarketing. One only has to read this thread to see how people label scammers as (all) being Indian without any real proof. I suppose if they said the caller was male going by the sound of their voice you would accuse them of being sexist. The country with the largest population in the world is virtually unrepresented in phone scammers.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

I feel sorry for the people who cant pick scammers, I am sure that many mums or elderly wouldnt think they are being taken for a ride and in best intentions hand over personal details and credit card details.

So, if it's not population size which makes telemarketing fraud more likely to be Indians, what is it? Chinese or Russians generally don't have the English language skills to conduct voice based fraud, so they stick to e-commerce and e-mail fraud.

Secondly, there's an availability of call centres and low wage rates in India, with probably only the Philippines able to compete in this way.

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