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Although clearly extremely bright, Sara is, by her own admission, a terrible exam-taker. Devastated and disillusioned, at 22 she got a job at Disney World.‘My parents laugh about it now, but they weren’t laughing then,’ she says.

While in the early days Sara used to lock herself in a room to come up with names of new products, now she has 162 extra creative minds, plus partners, to help. The irreverent, onomatopoeic Spanx, Sara agrees, is probably as responsible for the brand’s success as the product itself, and came to her when she was sitting in traffic one day. Her ambition since childhood had been to follow her father into the law; she took a degree in legal communications.

‘He was living in New York and I was in Atlanta, but we both knew how important it was to do all that we could to make it work.

He was 38 and I was 35; we had both dated enough to know that we were not going to let work, busy schedules and where we lived get in the way.’ The pair married in 2008, and Sara gave birth to their son Lazer three years ago.

‘I sat in a grey cubicle for long enough,’ Sara says when I compliment her on the uncorporate décor.

‘I would dream about the day when I would have my own company, and it would not be all grey, it would be a happier place.’ She personifies that sentiment exactly, clad today in a canary yellow top and metallic blue capri pants.

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‘I was 22 and with my degree, I was putting people on rides dressed in a brown polyester suit.’‘Though I didn’t know it at the time, it was the most incredible training,’ she enthuses. ‘I was always trying to figure out how to get doors open.

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