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The funny thing is, a lot of these people can’t see that they are unlucky in love because of their own actions. I’m not talking about the couple that has been dating for all of 5 minutes and insist on declaring their undying love all over your Facebook feed (they annoy the shit out of me too).

Too small to make a determination that everyone of the opposite sex (or same sex, whomever you choose to date) is the same.

a chance, you need to be patient, give things time, and ask the right types of questions early on.

“Oh he’ll probably cheat on her.” Or “She’s just with him for his money.” It’s like your mind can’t wrap around the fact that maybe, just maybe, there really are people who are happy in a relationship together. And while even happy couples have ups, downs, problems and issues at times, they are still putting themselves out there with someone, risking their hearts—and reaping the rewards. Maybe you feel like opening up your heart again will only open you up to more pain. The potential for pain may be great—but so is the potential for happiness.

By being too afraid to get out there, or by half-assing things and sabotaging potential opportunities, you are also missing out on the other side of the spectrum.

Why do some men set off women’s Spidey-sense while other men can do the exact same things and be perfectly fine? I keep having to deal with other people’s very, very inconvenient crushes on me.

Guys – especially ones who aren’t the most socially well-calibrated – worry a lot about being creepy by accident. Example #1: I gave up my the forums of my beloved hobby when Married Sad Boner Dude “fell […] Hi Doc.

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