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At least Once an Episode when the moment for giving tips comes: the theme music starts, Ned turns to the audience, and begins, "If you're [someone] who's confused about [something], check out these tips." Despite customary Genre Blindness and Moze being the voice of reason, Ned seems permanently aware of the Fourth Wall, with other characters occasionally acknowledging it, to some surprise.In solving the current dilemma and Tip Subject, Cookie tries outlandish theories, Moze goes for the more practical solution and Ned usually applies a scientific rigor.Originally the primary emphasis was delivering the tips and focusing on school matters such as homework, lockers and school clubs.But soon the stories expanded to focus on the complex relationships between the maturing characters and the tips focused on how to deal with social situations.This is often towards his old childhood friend Cappie and his brothers at Kappa Tau, who call him "Bing" since freshmen year.A love triangle between Cappie, Evan and Casey was the catalyst for the rivalry between their respective houses.With some help from Rusty, he begins to reconcile with his parents.Cappie rises to become the President of the unruly Kappa Tau.

He strives to please those around him but feels manipulated because of his affluence.Casey grows more selfless and courageous, often sticking her neck out for the sorority or for one of her sisters in need.Her tenure as President motivates her to focus more on her future.He assumes the position of Pledge Educator and was the mastermind behind Kappa Tau’s revenge plot against Omega Chi.Though he started off as a dateless virgin, Rusty has been part of a few love triangles.

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