Intimidating words that start with p is kim kardashian dating cristiano ronaldo

The word "intimidating" uses 12 letters: A D G I I I I M N N T T.No direct anagrams for intimidating found in this word list.This list also does not include phrases (sayings, idioms).There is definitely room for a Top 10 German Phrases list, because there are some real German gems.translation: brust (breast) warze (warts) According to, the English word “nipple” originates from the Old English word “neb,” which means “bill, beak, [or]snout, hence, lit[erally]…a small projection.” I admit that the English word for nipple is disappointing for a body part that gets so much attention (if only because of it’s location), but at least it’s not disgusting. Imagine if the following article at was in German, here’s the headline: “Janet Jackson’s Breast Wart Still Causing Problems” and the first sentence, “Janet Jackson’s breast wart just won’t go away.” Yuck (Janet Jackson’s Nipple Still Causing Problems, by Nick Neyland).

Emotions that start with S Serenity: the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Muesterchen/Muesterkens (translation: little patterns) are the marks fabrics leave on your face while you are asleep.

There should be a word for this in every language (nappers of the world, unite! It shouldn’t take eleven words to describe this thing that happens to my face at least once a day, it’s just not efficient. *Spelling variations added as a result of comments (see below).

For example the German equivalent of “to paint the town red” is “die Sau rauslassen” (“Let the pig out! translation: flusen (bits of fluff) Fussel, Flusen , Faser, Mull- -all of these words are synonymous with the English word “lint”.

When I look up lint in an English thesaurus, only fuzz and fluff fit (perhaps pill works as well…) – yet all of these words all have other meanings as well. ) This is the word my family uses for the lint that shows up between a baby’s fingers and toes and (regrettably) adult male bellybuttons.

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