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And it continues to strive for the broadest possible reach, welcoming all sorts of untested writers, though that may be changing.

Medium’s latest incarnation, unveiled in late March, included a monthly subscription for premium writing. “Ev Williams Has Lost His Goddamn Mind,” ran the headline in The Next Web, an online publication. He looks more like a Beatnik poet, staying up until dawn to debate existentialism, than the son of a Nebraska farmer, which he is.

Then came Twitter, which wasn’t his idea but was his company. Williams’s track record and the site’s ease of use.

He remains the largest individual shareholder and a board member. But Medium, which began out of step with nearly all other media, now seems to inhabit a different universe.

”Medium maintains it is doing well by the metrics it cares about.

The company says that the number of posts on the site quadrupled in 2016, and that it has 60 million unique monthly readers.

Williams noted that Silicon Valley has a tendency to see itself as a Prometheus, stealing fire from selfish gatekeeper gods and bestowing it on mere mortals.

The darkest theory about the failure of Medium to catch on as an influential writing site comes from Cliff Watson, a 46-year-old advertising executive and onetime Medium contributor from Omaha.

Norman wrote 100 Medium pieces in a year, about her brother’s autism, her mother’s bulimia, her own health, and the enduring carnival that is popular culture. Medium was supposed to be developing its business around advertising, which would have paid for writers like Ms. Then it abruptly pivoted in January and laid off a third of the staff, or about 45 people. “Write whatever you want, and we’ll pay you based on certain terms,” Mr. Facebook is hiring thousands of screeners to monitor its Facebook Live. “Twenty years isn’t very long to change how society works.”James Hong, best known for the popular rating-and-dating site Hot or Not?

Advertising was suddenly no longer the solution but the villain.“Ad-driven systems can only reward attention,” Mr. Google has announced structural changes to make it easier for human raters to flag low-quality results, so that asking “Did the Holocaust happen,” for instance, no longer brings up a white supremacist site. in the early 2000s, was an angel investor in Medium. Williams that he had some new ideas about dating sites but feared that if he tackled them, “I’d be working on the same thing my whole entire life.”Mr.

SAN FRANCISCO — Evan Williams is the guy who opened up Pandora’s box. Four out of 10 adult internet users said in a Pew survey that they had been harassed online. Say you’re driving down the road and see a car crash. It is supposed to be a force for good.“A beautiful space for reading and writing — and little else,” Mr.

Until he came along, people had few places to go with their overflowing emotions and wild opinions, other than writing a letter to the newspaper or haranguing the neighbors. Williams — a Twitter founder, a co-creator of Blogger — set everyone free, providing tools to address the world. And that was before the presidential campaign heated up last year.“I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” Mr. “I was wrong about that.”The Silicon Valley entrepreneur first drew notice during the dot-com boom, for developing software that allowed users to easily set up a website for broadcasting their thoughts: blogging. Williams called Medium at its public debut in 2012.

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