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So jsut say something or hint at a shower before you go at it, she'll either get the hint or you'll have to deal with it.

Good luck with the Indian, hope it doesnt turn it out like mine did hahah It's true though, it works both ways.

and that when he was making out with her, that she had an orgasm from the kiss. Here are two important datapoints: 1) The trainer is a major born again Christian, and absolutely does not lie.

Or at least I've never known him to lie - and I've known him for 20 years. 2) My immediate question to him was, "Where were your hands?

Guys who are uncircumcised also should clean up if they've had a long day, it can be kinda gross too.

The Indian girl i was with didnt smell and she ate very very very spicy food all the time.

Indians in general do not put hygiene on the top of their list.

if it were me, id be spending my time meeting new girls and seeing if they are what i want rather than fixing a project absolutely the diet that affects this. that'll get the ball rolling This rumour has gone round a number of times now. I've been with an Indian girl who smelled like flowers down there (no joke, I have no idea how), not of anything bad.

but if u two hookup in the shower it shouldnt be so much of a problem. She was very westernised though, like 4th generation British-Indian, so she didn't really eat much spicy food.

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ha ha After he told me this story - I told him that surely she was faking this ...

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