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Furthermore, when the same deer were examined the following year as 2.5–year–olds, no differences were detected between the two groups.

In a similar study conducted at Auburn University, researchers tried to detect differences in body and antler size between an unsupplemented and supplemented group.

No one can say for sure, but it’s probably because most minerals by themselves are bitter.

Research on domestic livestock has documented numerous benefits of mineral supplementation including increased forage intake, improved forage digestion, and increased reproductive success.

However, a University of Georgia study detected 11 different minerals in the whitetail’s antlers.

In addition to calcium (19 percent) and phosphorus (10 percent), the next most common elements were magnesium (1 percent) and sodium (0.5 percent).

This study differed from the Penn State study in that both herds were fed a nutritionally complete diet.

In addition, one group was provided a commercial mineral supplement.

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Over a four year period the researchers were unable to detect any differences between the two deer herds.

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