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"The government kept saying throughout the trial that friends can bribe friends, and as a technical legal matter, that's true," Cogan said."But the question presented here wasn't whether it's possible, but whether it's fair to conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, whether that's what happened here. Bob Menendez couldn't reach a verdict and was apparently in favor of acquitting the Democrat and a wealthy friend supported the defense's theory that their friendship carried more weight than the criminal allegations, a defense attorney in the case said Wednesday.There has been no deadline set by the judge for the government to say whether it will seek a retrial. Bob Menendez, D-N, J, speaks to reporters in front of the courthouse in Newark, N.

Only five of twelve MLS teams managed to score a goal against their opponents from across the Atlantic.

When you have a close friendship, which the government had no way to dispute, our argument is that even if you're left unsure about what happened, you can't conclude beyond a reasonable doubt there was bribery." Prosecutor Peter Koski reminded jurors during his closing argument that friends can engage in bribery - a fact bolstered by the judge's instructions that gifts "given both out of friendship and a corrupt intent" can be illegal. "They are friends," said Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, a juror who was excused early for a pre-arranged vacation.

"If I was rich and if I had a lot of money and I want to take my friend somewhere, why can't I?

If every ticket was sold at this price (which we know they were not all the same price, but for example’s sake let’s use it), the club earned a minimum of .95 million from ticket sales alone.

Commercially, MLS earns high marks for their business plan.

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