How to put sex faces in chatting

Islamic dress, notably the variety of headdresses worn by Muslim women, has become a prominent symbol of the presence of Islam in western Europe.

In several countries this adherence to hijab has led to political controversies and proposals for a legal ban.

Germany's Foreign Ministry previously said they were working on returning the teen and three other German women who are imprisoned in Iraq, but there is currently no extradition treaty between the two countries.The word hijab refers to both the head-covering traditionally worn by some Muslim women and Islamic styles of dress in general.The garment has different legal and cultural status in various countries.A German teenager facing the death penalty in Iraq after she joined Isis has said she was groomed online by a Jordanian girl who put her in touch with a jihadist.Linda Wenzel was arrested by Iraqi forces after they pulled her from the rubble during the liberation of Mosul from Isis control.

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