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It is also the reason why the hippies were unable to unite and overthrow the system since they refused to build their own power base. Instead, hippies seek to change the world through reason and by living what they believe.” So thinking back to my life on docks, living on boats, in a time when it always seemed like summer, I also think of my father.

The hippies weren’t interested in what the “man” was preaching; they wanted to search out new dimension of living where they could live free and peacefully and explore what it means to be human.So this is Father’s Day and the following is one of the strongest ethics my father passed on to me: Hippie Lesson #1: That was a guiding philosophy he preached as a principle for his decisions.It’s a very laissez-faire philosophy — easy to say and believe, and easy to practice … It’s one of those overriding ideas that have stuck with me and I value that he lived by that principle as much as he could.In a moment that had many viewers cringing, Rodney then told Misty he had been fantasising about "that hot tub night".He also described her as "the least materialistic woman he had ever met".

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