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The questions should enlist a somewhat humorous response; while also being opened ended so the person can elaborate on the subject.

This tasks focused icebreaker technique is often used in elementary and middle school to help new students get into the flow of the classroom or subject being studied and discussed.

The result is something that is trending online called “Truth or Lie.” The goal is to share a “truth” and a “lie” with a group so as to inform and entertain.

A moderator kicks things off by introducing themselves and then asking others in the group to do likewise.In turn, the true and false answers are later revealed during a fun and casual sharing meeting.This game is popular with young people and seniors who have some “fun” or little known fact that they share in a group setting.The party questions are always somewhat personal but not too personal.For instance, a party member is asked about their favorite or not so favorite blind date experience.

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