Gemini man dating a virgo woman

He will want to investigate the mystery that she possesses, and will not be disappointed when he discovers her tumultuous sensuality.He will sweep her off her feet with his enthusiasm and passion.That is until the Virgo woman gets all serious and possessive.There will be a lot of hurdles they will need to overcome the Leo man Virgo woman relationship is to survive.The very private Virgo woman is not one for public displays of affection, and the dignified Leo man is very happy to go along with her.

She is unpretentious and will make a creative and warm home for them.The Virgo woman might have to rein him in with her skill, as he sometimes rushes in without giving a thought to anything else.The Leo man Virgo woman marriage will have the ability to last a lifetime.Everything will be done in a dignified manner, and no aspect of creating the perfect relationship will be left untouched.The Leo man Virgo woman match have the same train of thought where this is concerned, which will result in an easy flow during the early days.

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