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In her thirteenth year Toru and her younger sister were sent to study for a few months in France, and thence to attend lectures at Cambridge and to travel in England.

D., Director of the Lick Observatory, and Astronomer, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. D., Professor of the Romance Languages, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Here it is easy to see the studious child poring over French, German, and English lexicons, reading every book she could lay hold of, hearing from her mother's lips those old legends of her race which had been woven into the poetry of native bards long before the civilization of modern Europe existed.

The essayist was Toru Dutt, a Hindu girl of eighteen, daughter of Govin Chunder Dutt, for many years a justice of the peace at Calcutta.

D., Professor of Literature in the Catholic University of America, Washington, D. n 1874 there appeared in the Bengal Magazine an essay upon Leconte de Lisle, which showed not only an unusual knowledge of French literature, but also decided literary qualities.

It is a romance of modern French life, whose motive is the love of two brothers for the same girl. Seest thou that lofty gilded spire, Above these tufts of foliage green?

But Toru's English renditions of the native Indian legends, called 'Ancient Ballads of[Pg 5076] Hindustan,' give a sense of great original power.

But marvelous as is the mastery shown over the subtleties of thought and the difficulties of translation, the achievement remains that of acquirement rather than of inspiration.

Paths which led To gardens trim, in gay attire, Lay all around. Huge straw-ricks, log huts full of grain, Sleek cattle, flowers, a tinkling bell, Spoke in a language sweet and plain, "Here smiling Peace and Plenty dwell." Unconsciously he raised his cry, "Shell-bracelets, ho! Come, wash thy feet, and break thy fast; Then on thy journey strengthened go." "Oh, thanks, good priest! But let my errand first be told: For bracelets sold to thine this day, So much thou owest me in gold; Hast thou the ready cash to pay? " "Thy daughter, with the large black eyne, Now bathing at the marble ghat." Loud laughed the priest at this reply, "I shall not put up, friend, with that; No daughter in the world have I; An only son is all my stay; Some minx has played a trick, no doubt: But cheer up, let thy heart be gay, Be sure that I shall find her out." "Nay, nay, good father! And couldst thou ask no other boon Than thy poor bracelet's price?

" And at his voice [Pg 5080]Looked out the priest, with eager eye, And made his heart at once rejoice. Pass not by, But step thou in, and share the food Just offered on our altar high, If thou art in a hungry mood. "The bracelets were enameled,—so The price is high."—"How! such a face Could not deceive, I must aver; At all events, she knows thy place, 'And if my father should demur To pay thee,'—thus she said,—'or cry He has no money, tell him straight The box vermilion-streaked to try, That's near the shrined'"—"Well, wait, friend, wait! Oh, blest art thou To have beheld her, touched her hand, Before whom Vishnu's self must bow, And Brahma and his heavenly band! That brow Resplendent as the autumn moon Must have bewildered thee, I trow, And made thee lose thy senses all." A dim light on the peddler now Began to dawn; and he let fall His bracelet-basket in his haste, And backward ran, the way he came: What meant the vision fair and chaste; Whose eyes were they,—those eyes of flame?

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