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They might have put something in there because they think it sounds impressive but on further questioning it has no substance.As part of a general conversation about profiles you could ask them what it was about yours that made them want to contact you.Also, we thought that not all of them should be too “funny” as in humorous.Rather they are designed to satisfy both a natural curiosity and a genuine desire to understand your girl. What makes for a good match is when the length and style of communication is reciprocal – if you’re very open and chatty then you’re probably better with someone who’s the same.When you share your experience do they indicate they’ve read your correspondence and were interested or amused by it?

(best performing line) Another data point they examined was how long you should wait to message someone after you get a match. They found men are impatient: If you don't message within six hours of matching, the likelihood that he'll respond drops by 25%. You can only keep one: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or John Oliver? (average of 45% higher likelihood of response): How was your 2004?This will often lead to some flattery or a conversation about mutual interests and hobbies.One sign to look out for is whether or not the other person is comfortable giving and receiving compliments.Hinge came up with over 100 prewritten lines that ranged in tone from quirky ("best discovery: Netflix or avocado? (this one improved your response likelihood by 31%)2.

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