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The funniest part is a couple of years ago I tried crazy diets and did insane workouts with almost no results. It is a lifestyle change and there is absolutely no way that I could ever se our lives going back to the sick sick way we were eating.

My first ebook, Go Fruit Yourself shows you how to thrive on a high carbohydrate raw vegan diet and contains months worth of diary entries, where I show you where I went wrong and how you can avoid the mistakes I made.Best of all this lifestyle not only cares for your health but the health of the Planet and the animals as well.Starting From .95 The world has viewed my videos over 200 million times, people are watching me take on this meaty planet with my life saving message, so get on board! I’m so happy I found Freelee “Thank you Banana Girl. Your video popped up among other crappy weight loss calorie restriction videos I was looking for.– a site about fruitarianism: diet, ethics, lifestyle.We aim for healthy body and mind, for a flourishing world and effective ethical action.

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