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The cat merows at her, shaking his head with a pitying look, then trots away after Wybie. Ear at the knot-hole, she counts until there's a watery "plop" far below. The main floor kitchen, like most things in the Pink Palace, is barely maintained, and looks worn and faded.

Coraline drops the stick as he zooms away and wipes her hands on her clothes. Coraline finds a PEBBLE and drops it through A SMALL KNOT-HOLE. She's developed a REDDISH RASH - poison oak - on one hand. Coraline scratches the rash on her hand, changes subject.

Mel (CONT'D) Oh - some kid left this on the front porch. She rips open the package and finds the BUTTON-EYED, BLUE- HAIRED, YELLOW RAINCOAT-WEARING DOLL from the head credits - it's a litte Coraline!

But Coraline takes it with her and leaves the room. STUDY - SAME CHARLIE Jones, 40, goose-necked and gangly with thinning dark hair, HUNT-AND-PECKS at his ancient computer, surrounded by boxes of GARDENING MAGAZINES and empty coffee cups.

Coraline looks out a window at the DEAD- LOOKING GARDEN, and places PACKETS OF SEEDS - pumpkins, squash, snap dragons, bleeding hearts - on the sill.

CORALINE But Mom, I want stuff growing when my friends come to visit.

CORALINE (MUTTERS) I can't believe it -- you and Dad get paid to write about plants and you hate dirt.

Coraline walks over and is handed a NEWSPAPER-WRAPPED PACKAGE. O.) Hey Jonesy, look what I found in Gramma's trunk.

When she pulls aside the mildewed shower curtain she finds a hundred skittering SILVERFISH BUGS. Disgusted, she jumps into the tub and smashes as many as she can. HALLWAY NEAR STAIRS Coraline pounds down the stairs, spots the carpet bump again in the hallway and jumps on it. A few garden tools lean against one wall; a cardboard mattress box leans against a corner wall.

Sawdust is poured in the NEW DOLL's mouth; facial features added; blue yarn hair punched in; and then a fresh pair of shiny black button eyes is selected from a button drawer. CAM PUSH IN to shrub as the SPY RISES UP, wearing a three- eyed SKELETON MASK on his head and SKELETON GLOVES on his hands. She grasps the forks of her stick, closes her eyes, and, tracing a figure eight above her, SAYS: CORALINE (CONT'D) Magic dowser, magic dowser: show... She HOLLERS IN FEAR, then tries to WHACK HIM with her forked stick.

The transformed doll, in a LITTLE YELLOW RAINCOAT, its new button eyes affixed, is released out the window and BACK INTO THE NIGHT. EXT PINK PALACE, ASHLAND OREGON - DAY WIDE ANGLE on a rambling old Queen Anne-style house with tacked-on outside stairs. A SIGN in the foreground reads "Pink Palace, Apartment for Rent". BOBINSKY - a seven-foot-tall blue-skinned man - performs calisthenics on the rooftop, counting in Russian. The black cat hops into frame, glances at the spy and follows the girl. Coraline races down past an OLD TRACTOR and into an ORCHARD. NEW ANGLE as we move beside Coraline through the old apple trees, where she nearly trips on the tongue of a harvest cart. The black cat shoots past Coraline in the tall grass. CORALINE (CONT'D) GET AWAY FROM ME-- He SNATCHES it from her as he passes, KNOCKING HER to the ground. She owns the "Pink Palace" (indicates house in distance) Won't rent to people with kids.


Hidden behind a NATURAL WALL OF STONES, WE TILT DOWN to view Coraline crossing frame on a STEEP HILLSIDE path.

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