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Please call if you would like to test drive (test Starting in 2010 all Flagstaff campers (except the LTD series) come standard with electric brakes from the factory.

Factory-installed brakes are an option for the LTD Series and Roberts Sales can add brakes to the LTD campers at our store.

The bike-hauler deck does not have loading ramps like the toy-hauler decks because the assumption is that bicycles (and toolboxes, generators, firewood--anything else that will be loaded onto the front deck) can be loaded by hand.

The bike hauler campers include: 228BHSE, 228BHSE with shower, T12BH.

This class is intended to help those who may be interested in pop-up camping but may not know what all is involved with pop-up camping.

Details on this class available at Pop-Up Trailer 101. If you rent a camper from us and decide you want to buy one of our campers we will apply part of the rent to the purchase price (even if the sale trailer is a different model from the rental trailer). This offer applies for 30 days from the date your rental camper is returned. A maximum of 0 of a rental from Roberts Sales can be applied to the purchase of a Roberts Sales trailer.

This demonstration and inspection takes about an hour.

We also offer a free class in the spring that includes a demonstration of a camper's basic operation and a discussion concerning various features of pop-up campers.

We skip certain things (like winterizing) that a rental customer won't need to know.The HW27SC, HW27KS, and the HW29SC have hard-wall shower areas and residential-style toilets with a black water storage tank.Some models come with a portable toilet: 206STSE, 425D, 823D, all T-Series (except the T21DMHW and T21TBHW; they have their own built-in cassette toilet). exterior shower) are available separately for the 208, 207SE, and 206STSE.The long-winded but more informative answer is here: Early Model Explanation.The 205, 228 with shower, 228D with shower, 228BHSE with shower, 23SCSE, 28TSCSE, 625D, 627D, and T21DMHW have interior showers and cassette toilets.

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