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Worried that any message of inclusion, however mealy-mouthed, might anger the Trumpian third, many opted for the strange attempts at ideological compromise we saw during this year's Super Bowl.Last night, an excellent football game was scaffolded by a pretty fascinating illustration of just how bizarre "bipartisan capitalism" can look in this new America. The grim gamble was that the only icons both sides would accept were dead.84 Lumber ran an ad in which a mother and daughter try to emigrate to the United States from Mexico. A 2014 Coca-Cola ad (which no one dreamed of objecting to when it first ran) sent the far-right into conniptions when it ran again before the 2017 Super Bowl. Because they'd been taught by then to take any inclusive message as an attack, to the point where they objected to the fact that a song extolling America was sung by a variety of people in languages that were not 2017 ended up being a tough year for the NFL.In desperate need of some winnable controversy, a historically unpopular president incited his base against a small group of football players who knelt to silently but publicly protest the consequence-free killing of unarmed black people by police.There are two kinds of Super Bowl fans: those who watch for the football and those who watch for the advertisements.For those who prefer the sport, there were a bunch of great plays in Sunday's game you may want to watch again online — Ahmad Bradshaw's accidental touchdown comes to mind.Citing that one-third of Americans, living paycheck to paycheck, have no retirement savings, E-Trade showed old people working in various industries to the strains of "Day-O." The grim implication: You should that income you don't have!As if to drive home the misery of the present, an ad for a new Kia car showed Steven Tyler driving in circles into the past.

But the president called NFL players "sons of bitches" for daring to object. He used Twitter and the right-wing media machine to mischaracterize #Takea Knee as a protest of the flag object to Americans being executed without due process or just cause.) Corporations freaked out.

This message confusion was everywhere, with a vaguely dystopian subtext.

Latching on to the rash of natural disasters last year, Stella Artois and Budweiser both swapped out their hedonistic good-time messaging for a tenuous link between beer and charitable water.

One way Corporate America haplessly straddled the divide between right and left was by scuttling logic. It looks like they're about to be strip-searched or profiled or questioned.

Take Hyundai: Perhaps trying to sanitize the security state we've become now that guns are everywhere and mass shootings are routine, the car company presented a nerve-jangling ad in which Super Bowl attendees are obediently standing in a security line to go through metal detectors, like Americans have learned to do. The happy twist is that they're shown a video of some cancer survivors, whom they then … It is proposed that this connects somehow to car ownership and hope.

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