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The Three Van Halens butted up against Diamond Dave for an entire set, their professionalism and skill at odds with his reckless showmanship and hopelessly off-tune voice.I began to understand why Eddie and Dave aren’t the best of bros.

It was a friendly reminder that six months ago, amid a manic binge of purchases, I chose to throw down for two general admission tickets (including parking and the dreaded Ticketmaster fees) to see Van Halen at the Circuit of Americas Amphitheater in Austin. After a couple of rough attempts that I tried to chalk up to rust, it was apparent: Diamond Dave has a vocal range about an inch wide and his memory is somehow even worse.The day 21-year-old Valerie Bertinelli walked down the aisle with rock god Eddie Van Halen, 25, was just another workday for band manager Noel E. The couple's wedding day, April 11, 1981, was just like any other public performance by Eddie and his Van Halen bandmates, Monk writes in his new book was going to marry a movie star-would behave once the booze started flowing.Monk was also worried about Eddie's escalating substance abuse: In the months leading up to the wedding, he'd started doing cocaine in addition to his typical habit of drinking and smoking weed every day.And yet, here she was, stammering and blushing like a schoolgirl in the presence of the captain of the football team. Here was a guy who went out on stage every night and performed, wizardlike, in front of thousands of adoring fans.In the presence of this young woman, however, the rock star facade melted away."Though they had a fairytale beginning, their short courtship was a rocky one.

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"She coaxed Edward to his feet, cleaned him up, straightened his tie, and helped him comb his hair.

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