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Some developers might want to bind the selection of the list element to the employee's current status.To do this, you'd need to create another recordset based on the All that remains for this page is to store the modified information: the change in the status list.This opens the door to a possible enhancement for this application that displays a log of status changes. Select Employees (employees for PHP) from the Table list.The requirements for an Figure 4.6 Two recordsets are needed for this page: one to hold the employee's name, and one for the status values that will populate the list element. From the Columns list, choose Employee ID, Employee First, and Employee Last by selecting one and then holding the Ctrl (Command) key and selecting the others.Form("MM_record Id") "'" ' MM_edit Redirect Url = "\" MM_fields Str2 = "Sample Type|value|Invoice No|value|Amount|value|Cou ntry|value|Currency|value|Project No.|value|Workshe et|value|Comments|value" MM_columns Str2 = "Sample Type|',none,''|Invoice No|',none,''|Amount|n one,none, NULL|Country|',none,''|Currency|',none,'' |Project No|',none,''|Worksheet|none,1,0|Comments|' ,none,''" ' create the MM_fields and MM_columns arrays MM_fields2 = Split(MM_fields Str2, "|") MM_columns2 = Split(MM_columns Str2, "|") ' set the form values For MM_i = LBound(MM_fields2) To UBound(MM_fields2) Step 2 MM_fields2(MM_i 1) = CStr(Request. Active Connection = MM_edit Connection MM_edit Cmd. Execute ' Code for second insert execution MM_edit Cmd. Execute 'End of code for escond insert execution MM_edit Cmd.

Using Macromedia's Tech Note titled "Inserting data from one page into two tables" I successfully coded the insert page.

/asp/cherrydvd/admin_user_edit.asp, line 106 ===========================================================Is there something blatently wrong / out of place that I need to do? Close If (MM_edit Redirect Url 0) Then ' get the value of the parameter param = Request. Move Next Loop ' if not found, set the number of records and reset the cursor If (MM_rs.

Thanks Trevor 0) Then MM_referrer = MM_referrer & "? Query String() MM_auth Failed URL = MM_auth Failed URL & MM_qs Char & "accessdenied=" & Server. Redirect(MM_auth Failed URL)End If% "") Then MM_edit Connection = MM_Cherry DVD_STRING MM_edit Table = "Users" MM_edit Column = "Username" MM_record Id = "'" Request. Query String(MM_param Name) ' find the record with the unique column value equal to the parameter value MM_offset = 0 Do While (Not MM_rs.

They say use the tech note for update and delete pages but after numerous attempts, I can't get it to work.

I am figuring that there is more code to edit but I can't ascertain which extra code. Thanks, Stephanie "") Then MM_edit Connection = MM_conn QAMeasures_STRING MM_edit Table = "dbo.

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