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As Holly Willoughby announced that this year’s winner was Andrea Begley, you could almost hear the BBC executives that have continued to back the show throughout another series of dwindling ratings and humiliation from Britain's Got Talent, cry out in despair.Her parish priest declared: ‘she not only has the voice of an angel, she really is an angel’ – a claim supported by the appearance during her performance of My Immortal of a pair of wings appearing behind her. The way lead singer/Voice ‘coach’ Danny O'Donoghue hogged the limelight, running into the audience and working the crowd like it was Wembley Arena, it looked as if he had actually forgotten it was meant to be a duet showcasing HER talent, even that he’d left Andrea standing up on stage.Kelly Rowan described the character as seemingly more "together" than herself during an interview.Portrayed by Benjamin Mc Kenzie, a troubled teenager from Chino who is brought into the privileged community of Newport Beach, California after his mother, Dawn Atwood, throws him out of their family home.Before she met Sandy she dated and grew up with Jimmy Cooper father of Marissa Cooper, with whom she remains friends.Kirsten was very suspicious of Sandy's decision to bring Ryan into her home in the pilot episode, but in the third episode, she and Seth take Ryan back home after he is beaten in the juvenile detention center.Sandy deals with many conflicts throughout the series, such as trying to gain acceptance from his father-in-law while being financially supported by his wife, and raising two teenagers in a (sometimes) corrupt environment.

Originally, it follows the life of Ryan Atwood, a troubled but tough young man from a broken home who is adopted by the wealthy and philanthropic Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.Ryan slowly finds himself a place within his new materialistic society, and makes of the most of his situation by not only completing high school, but also continuing on to university.Casting director Patrick Rush found the role of Ryan Atwood particularly hard to cast and only invited Benjamin Mc Kenzie to an audition after Fox had made them aware of the young actor after his unsuccessful audition for a UPN sitcom.Kirsten continues to open a dating service with Julie, and become a mother of two at the end of the fourth season.The character's politics and lifestyle are conservative, a contrast to her husband.

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