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I have an issue relating to obtaining medical certs.

Usually when I take a day off sick its because I'm really sick, not just a little sniffle.

Why do I have to go into the DR's with a FLU and potentially infect everyone else in the waiting room just so I can get a day off? My workplace requires a certificate for "more than 3 work days" so guess what happens, people call in sick on a monday and tuesday, rock up on wednesday for a cpl of hours then go home sick then take thursday and friday off as sick leave too....though we have quite a lot of people here who have months and months of sick leave stored up. My last sick day I basically said "screw it, I know this is food poisoning I'm staying in bed and drinking lots of water" The time before that it was literally "Look doc, sorry for wasting your time with my runny nose, but I need that bit of paper, now let me sign that medicare slip and go oh, and I will drink lots of fluids, thanks." Most of us over the age of 10 know when we have something we'll get over.

Not to mention going out in the cold walking between cars making myself even sicker. We also know the best option is to stay warm, get lots of rest and drink many fluids.

Modified duties refer to any changes or restrictions that should be applied to an employee's pre-injury activities to allow them to return to work.

If the employee is unable to return to their pre-injury duties but is capable of performing some work tasks, the Certificate of Capacity should reflect these capabilities.

Maybe I don't understand but how the hell am I expected to drive myself 20 minutes to my DR wait in a waiting room for up to an hour with a migraine so I can get a damn certificate for a day off work... Not to mention the massive cost on the government of all these UN-necessary dr's visits. Yes this can be a problem, What I have done on several occasions is wait until you are fit enough to get to the doctor to get a certificate and get the doctor to post date it to the first day you were absent from work. The certificate will just say "name states he/she is/was unwell for the following dates inclusive" or soemthign to that effect, yep looks crappy but it covers the requirements Obviously the workplace has had isues before.

This will allow the employer to offer the employees suitable duties and support the health benefits of work.

These capabilities can be incorporated into the employees return to work plan and will support them to stay at or return to work safely.

Employers must consult with employees and their treating healthcare providers to support return to work.

All parties bring something to the table: medical expertise and opinion and an understanding of an injured worker's duties.

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