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This page is a reference for developers, demonstrating how to use the DAO library to programmatically create, delete, modify, and list the objects in Access - the tables, fields, indexes, and relations, queries, and databases - and read or set their properties. Unique." Else str Descrip = str Descrip & " Unique." End If Case Else If fld. Index Dim int Return As Integer int Return = intc Index None For Each ind In tdf. DAO (Data Access Objects) is the native library Microsoft designed to expose the object in Access. Required Then str Descrip = str Descrip & " Required." End If End Select 0& Then str Descrip = Trim$(Left$(str Descrip, 255&)) Set Field Description = Set Property DAO(fld, "Description", _ db Text, str Descrip, str Err Msg) End If End Function Private Function Index On Field(tdf As DAO.

Recordset Dim str Value As String Set db = Current Db Set qdf = db.

Close Set rs = Nothing End Function Public Function Field Type Name(fld As DAO. Recordset Dim str Sql As String str Sql = "SELECT My Field FROM My Table;" Set rs = DBEngine(0)(0).

Open Form str Form Name, ac Design, Window Mode:=ac Hidden Set frm = Forms(str Form Name) For Each ctl In frm For Each prp In ctl.

Here are some ways to do it in ANSI/ISO (aka should work on any SQL DBMS), My SQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Be advised that my suggested ANSI/ISO method will typically be much slower than the other two methods, but if you're using a SQL DBMS other than My SQL, SQL Server, or Oracle, then it may be the only way to go (e.g.

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Value, "Currency") str Value = Replace(str Value, Chr(13), "") Debug. This example uses a table called tbl Sales People with IDs, Sales Names, Sales YTD, and Rating fields.

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