Diagnosing organizational cultures validating a model and method

As healthcare becomes more digitized, pharma companies are transforming to remain competitive by rethinking their business and operating models, their cultures and capabilities, and adopting policies that nurture innovation and courageous strategic moves [2].

Patients have become less passive recipients of therapies, and are starting to control their own health treatments by providing their doctors with more information, home-measured parameters, which allows for an informed opinion about how they should be treated [3].

Patient hospital discharge re-admissions has become a major problem for the healthcare industry.

Due to pressure from Medicare and other payers, patients are being discharged as soon as possible, where they often return home with little or no professional assistance...

Healthcare regulations are pushing the industry to move towards better storage, collaboration and data sharing in the cloud.

It allows safe exchange of data between two parties and also transforms data into meaningful information to make valuable decision in future.

I recently moved and wanted to have a housewarming party to show off my new place, so I invited twelve of my close friends over for an outdoor summer barbeque dinner at my new home. Health information are collected from a variety of sources such as our patented health scanner (Dyno100), capable of measuring 33 health metrics in less than 60 seconds, and Body Composition Scale (Adore), combined with the patient’s electronic online health records as well as psychological and behavioral data from our mobile health portal (Dyno Life).

All data is then sent to the cloud for machine learning purposes.

– Create customizable care plans with pre-generated care plan templates – Live connect and 3-way messaging – Accessible health records for care-providers and care experts – Manage billing system Today, patients can use their wearable or Io T devices to report data of physiological parameters and track their own health records.Dyno Sense provides life-enhancing products and services through an accurate, secure, and simple to use AI Powered Data Analytics platform.Our solution will effectively engage individuals to optimally improve their health, make a smarter decision for better healthy life, as well as reducing the risk of life-threatening conditions.Io T wearable technology has been embedded with software and sensors to create a connected network that collect and exchange data.Advances in digital health have fundamentally changed the business model of the pharmaceutical industry, and has impacted all aspects of a pharma company’s structure—from sales and marketing, to R&D and business-to-business activities.

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Individuals are becoming more concerned of their own health and the need to be proactive.

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