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Maybe, he just wants fans and media to focus on his professional life.But one thing is for sure, having dated Amanda in the past, he is certainly not a gay. Instead of getting a table or leaning against a wall, the two opted to sit on the floor.The two apparently had developed ample love with one another in a short span of dating. but they made mine a RIOT on set and made the show amazing with their performances.

Before becoming an actor, he worked as a bartender in Manhattan.

Nominated for Outstanding Performance by in a Drama Series for four years in a row from 2009 to 2012, and awarded a net worth of 4 million dollars.

He is also currently living in a luxurious home earned from the many movies he has played over the course of his career.

Known for his role in movies that have made the headlines all over the world, such as The Dark Knight Rises and much more.

Being the famous actor that he is now, he did not have a good start in the acting business with a rough background to stardom.

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Playing as Detective Joseph "Joey" Quinn in the show Dexter having vital weight loss in the process.

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