Dead sea scroll dating

Excavations at Naḥal Ẓeʾelim, in the “Cave of Scrolls,” uncovered clear evidence of the Bar Kokhba era and, in the “Cave of Letters,” 15 papyri of Bar Kokhba with a psalms fragment.

Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is among the more important finds in the history of modern archaeology.They also cultivated a communal life of extreme ritual purity, necessitated by their rejection of the Temple cult.The history of the Qumrān community can be glimpsed, though darkly, through the scrolls.Cave 4 sheltered the main deposit of what some believe to have been an Essene library, which contained approximately 400 manuscripts, generally in poor condition.Most of the manuscripts are sectarian writings, and about 100 of them are biblical texts, covering the entire Hebrew Bible except Esther.

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