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Michel Walrave holds a master's degree in Communication Studies, a master in Media and Information Sciences and a Ph D in Social Sciences (KU Leuven). Hereafter you'll find more information about recent publications. Cross-sectional and temporal associations between cyber dating abuse victimization and mental health and substance use outcomes. Michel Walrave is a professor at the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Antwerp. Since the nineties he conducts research that centers around one central theme: . His research concentrates on individuals’ self-disclosure and privacy in interpersonal online communication, particularly on social network sites. Moreover, how intimate, and sometimes sensitive, disclosures (e.g. The impact of regulatory focus on adolescents' evaluation of targeted advertising on social networking sites.

Chapters cover topics such as abusive sexting behaviours in the context of dating violence and slut shaming, media discourses concerning sexting and the legal framework in several countries that shape the context of sexting. Information Disclosure, Trust and Health Risks in Online Dating.

For the Internet Rights Observatory he collaborated in drafting an advice and book on cyberbullying and one book on minors and online marketing.

He is an associate editor of Cyberpsychology and served as a guest-editor of a special issue on privacy. A Nuanced Account: Why Do Individuals Engage in Sexting?

Van Ouytsel, J., Ponnet, K., Walrave, M., & d’Haenens, L. Adolescent sexting from a social learning perspective. Van Ouytsel, J., Walrave, M., Ponnet, K., & Heirman, W. The association between adolescent sexting, psychosocial difficulties, and risk behavior: Integrative review. Walrave, M., Ponnet, K., Van Ouytsel, J., Van Gool, E., Heirman, W., & Verbeek, A. Whether or not to engage in sexting: Explaining adolescent sexting behaviour by applying the prototype willingness model. Van Ouytsel, J., Van Gool, E., Ponnet, K., & Walrave, M. Brief report: The association between adolescents' characteristics and engagement in sexting. Van Ouytsel, J., Walrave, M., Ponnet, K., Heirman, W., & d' Haenens, L. Prevalentie van sexting bij Vlaamse jongeren : een verkennende studie. Behaviour and information technology, 85-97 Walrave, M., Van Ouytsel, J.

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 17(12), 772-778. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 87(5), 204-212. Applying the theory of planned behaviour to adolescent sexting.

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