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At the same time, he researches local history and writes on that and other matters for local newspapers.

(Many thanks to Colin for getting in touch, for all the many contributions and for providing the photo above.

A chance meeting with Ken Evans, a fellow Australian who was involved in the launch of Radio Atlanta, led to Colin's recruitment as a disc-jockey in September 1963 - although the station did not go onto the air until the following year.

He presented the first full show on Radio Atlanta's day one: 12th May 1964.

Thanks also to his former colleague Colin Berry for correcting the theme tune information.) Born on 10 April 1941 in Gosport, Hampshire, his real name is William Butcher.

While doing a stint in the RAF he read ghost stories on the base radio station.

One day he heard Keith Skues on Radio Caroline mention that he was ex-forces radio.

Paul immediately applied to join Caroline - successfully.

That was followed by five years with the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Malta and Gibraltar.

After returning to Western Australia, he ran shopping malls, but also found time to do some part-time broadcasting and lecturing to university media students on a subject he knew well: pirate radio.

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